6 Olive Tree - Premium Czech Glass, Transparent Olive, Metallic Antique Silver, Kiwi Beads - 12x14mm


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Czech glass carved oval beads, are in a transparent olive, finished with a vibrant dusting of metallic silver throughout the starburst design and the outta edge.

♥ Please Note: Due to the unique design and rustic nature of these beads, no two beads are alike. The washed finish and slightly etched design vary between each bead. Once held against the sunlight, these beads are quite pale in colour.

Origin: Czech Republic
Materials: Pressed, table-cut, Czech glass
Quantity: 6 beads
Size: 14x12mm
Hole Location: Runs horizontally (from side to side) through the center
Hole Size: 1mm
Colour: Transparent olive – Metallic antique silver finish

Please note – All of my photos are taken with a SLR camera/micro lens. All beads may appear larger than they are real to life. Please use my measurements as a reference.

All photographs belong to ZoeAndBruno © 2008 and beyond.

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