20 Caramel Jersey - Premium Czech Glass, Opaque Mustard, Luster, Piggy Disc Beads 8mm


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Czech glass Two hole (one in the center and one to the side) concave beads, (also known as piggy beads), are in an opaque mustard, with a luster finish.

If you pair these together, (each in the opposite hole to the other), they kind of alternate as shown in picture 4.

Materials: Pressed, Czech glass
Quantity: 20
Size: 8mm
Hole location: Runs vertically (from top to bottom) through the center of the bead
Color: Opaque mustard - Luster


Please note – All of my photos are taken with a SLR camera/micro lens. All beads may appear larger than they are real to life. Please use my measurements as a reference.

All photographs belong to ZoeAndBruno © 2008 and beyond.

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